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Pearl Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, pearls.

№ 510771

“The Pearls are always right”. Coco Chanel

Gold ring “Blossom” is a gorgeous bouquet. Gold and magnificent ring “Blossom” is a luxury sign of worship. The masters of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House have gathered diamonds that never fade and beautiful pearls of ideal shapes in this precious bouquet and bound it with a band of gold decorated by a tiny cut. Pearls can sometimes speak about feelings better than words. Tender pearls that do not need any jewel cut have always been one of the favorite decorations due to its natural beauty and delicate sparkling shine. Four pearls are embraced by the bouquet with a big pearl in the heart of the composition. Pearl in “Blossom” has the most rare silver color.

Unusual shape of the ring, its vital energy and amazing pearls male this ring a real masterpiece of the XXI century.

Gold ring “Blossom”. Among silver-colored pearls and sparkling diamonds there is a note with a declaration of love.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las