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«Tea Rose»

Moissanite Gold Ring

Collection: Top Class


gold, moissanite.

№ H-22-01-015

№ H-18-03-145

Rose is a special flower, a true adornment of the garden, fragrant and eye-catching one. Sophisticated connoisseurs have long known that, it is a tea rose, the whimsical aristocrat, to have managed taking a place of honor in the ladies' hearts among the many varieties of such. She gives her gentle embrace, by revealing and embracing with the wonderful tea aroma to sensitive, careful hands.

Truly, it is wonderful how the talent of jewelers discovered a unique opportunity to grow the queen of the rosary in a noble metal! Having inspired with perfection and, at the same time, the natural brevity of floral curves, artisans were able to create a unique piece of jewellery, fascinating with its lines. Unique moissanite seems to float in the openwork weave of flexible mirrors of a luxurious bud, as if having absorbed all the charm of the dawn and the energy of the sun. The geometric cut flows harmoniously into the elastic curls that form the petals, which allows the piece to be respectable and "airy" at the same time. The ring of Tea Rose is a true, ever-blooming piece of jewellery, which revealed its exquisite beauty for many centuries and millenia to come!

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Photo by Dmitriy Las