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«Madame de Pompadour»

Lapis Lazuli Diamond Gold Ring

Collections: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, lapis lazuli.

№ Н-14-09-567

“Ambitions of most of the women are just the will to be appreciated...”

Marquise de Pompadour

“Madame de Pompadour” is a unique and sophisticated ring for those who love wearing precious decorations. It is both daring and classic. It is an ideal choice for an aristocratic character and underlines good taste of its mistress.

Blue color of lapis lazuli that comes from Badakhshan is emphsized by pure diamonds and gold ornament of fleur-de-lys and reminds of luxury French court of madame Pompadour period. It was time when the King reigned officially and madame Pompadour was a real ruler in policy, art and fashion. Marquise had been ruling over the kingdom and the king`s heart. she was the king`s devoted friend and his only lover.

The ring “Madame de Pompadour” is as unique as the lady it was named after. It is as geometric as the gardens and palaces of Versailles and it is full of royal energy. Gold fleur-de-lys in the blue background is a heraldic figure. That is why the ring can also become an emblem of your family.

It is a great gift for the one who deserves it. “Madame de Pompadour”.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin