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Gold Diamond Citrine Ring



gold, diamonds, citrine.

№ Н-18-02-067

People need symbols that embody their hopes and desires. The messenger of the gods – light, elegant, witty, swift and cold-blooded Mercury – is best suited to the role of patron of those who have linked their lives with trade, exchange, search, travel and adventure. Of the ones who want to keep up and get ahead, lead… and win. Not by force or pressure, but only by elegant solutions, original ideas, dexterity, speed and the ability to see the future by calculating everything one step ahead.

Therefore, the planet chosen by the Universe is small, contrasting, closest to the Sun, and having the highest rotation speed.

So it balances, easily and freely, between heat and cold, between absolute values, by choosing the golden rule of harmony, leaving behind an elegant trail of light radiance that has passed by.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin