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«Nameless Star»

Amethyst ring with Diamonds

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, amethyst.

The starry sky... A man was always amazed by the boundless world of heavenly bodies, he always wanted to know what is out there, in the Universe. Happy is he, who really saw the sky covered with stars, felt his heartbeat, and got a desire to share his happiness. What is there beyond the blackest black? There are evenings sometimes when the sky is like an icy desert and only giant stars show greatness of the sky by their distant cold light... But there are evenings when the sky breathes by life sometimes... When, by intense harkening, you hear fantastic oceans and forests noise and sigh on the most distant planet; evenings, when sky is full of signs and voices, as if unknown beings that never saw each other, having a presentiment, send signals from one planet to the other, from one star to another – looking for, calling for. And somewhere there, in the depths of the galaxy, on the edge of the sky there still is burning a mysterious star with no name, discovered by no one.

The astronomers are asserting the stars never deviate from their way and never stop, but the jewellers of the House "Lobortas" managed to catch the unique light of the "Nameless Star". One glance at this masterpiece is enough to understand that an unsolved secret of the Universe is before you. Gorgeous beauty and unique in its cutting stone occupies a central place in the composition. Deep, saturated color of huge amethyst is particularly shown in bright light of the sun. Getting deep into the stone, the sunlight is flashing dark purple, pink, blue-violet lights, pulling us into the mystery of the night sky; diamond rays spread the flickering of the distant stars around the galaxy, and the golden arches of the ring weave into exquisite patterns as comet tails.

The sages say that each of us has his own guiding star in the vast sky – we can not see it, but we always feel the light that comes from it. Perhaps, it is you, whom the "Nameless Star" by Classic Jewellery House "Lobortas" gives its light.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin