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«In Vino Veritas»

Enamel Diamond Sapphire Gold Ring

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, sapphires, enamel.

№ 667735 / special order.

Since the ancient times wine has been considered to be a divine drink that gives power to everyone who tries it. In wine there are masculinity, strength, wisdom and of course truth. Wine making process was always surrounded by mystery: in a dark wine cellar that smells with old casks grapevine is being turned into a drink of the gods.

Great Michelangelo were used to see an image in marble and create his masterpieces. A vintner`s work has a lot of in common with sculptor`s. He also creates his masterpiece, wine, from natural substances and tries to underline its beauty by finding an ideal color and taste. Every vintner can be called an artist because he doesn`t just make wine. He paints a bouquet.

Wine is a memory of grapevine. Before being collected it used to enjoy sunshine and good weather. That is why it can keep sunshine for us in wine glasses.

“The wine does not spoil with time when it was made with soul.

What we make with love we turn into the best Wine.”

The jewelers of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House has made for you a unique piece of art: the ring “In Vino Veritas”. A sapphire branch of grapes covered by gold leave of baked enamel resembles colors of Indian summer; diamond drops of dew reflect mild sunshine.

The wise old men said that a human needs bread not to die of hunger, he needs salt for his life to have a taste and wine to have happiness in his house. Fill your home and your life with joy with “In Vino Veritas” by the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin