«Radiant Vibes»

Diamond Topaz Gold Ring

Collection: Lux


gold, diamonds, topaz.

№ Н-18-02-068

With the first rays of the sun, all living things wake up – light gives birth to life. Light gives us energy and strength. But, truly, even more magnificent than the natural light is the radiance that comes from a pure and sincere soul. The female soul illuminates the world with its love, beauty, playfulness and affection, by giving unique moments of happiness, and inspiring connoisseurs of beauty to create unforgettable masterpieces: music, art, and, of course, jewelry. Artisans the best in their field managed to capture this spiritual radiance of purity in the precious work of Radiant Vibes. The magnificent gold ring emits a unique glow from the first seconds. Rays of light, penetrating into the depths of the noble topaz, are reflected from countless facets and flash with bright rainbow lights. The unusual shapes and lines of the jewelry are adorned with impeccable engraving, complemented by flashing of diamond drops playing with sun splashes.

Thus, while admiring a beautiful jewel, we always remember the spiritual purity, force of talent and strength of skill.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin