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Gold Ring with Diamonds, Rubies and Pearls

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls.

№ TH-15

The crown-shaped ring, made by artisans of the House "Lobortas", symbolizes a sign of the Cancer by itself. Astrologers believe that the people born under this zodiac sign, ruled by mysterious Moon, are one of the most mysterious ones. Like roller coasters at lightning speed the fate rushes them up and down through life and does not simply leaves any other option except to live in the present – right here an right now, and it is a great part of the Cancers' charm. Many famous people who left the trace in a story: Julius Caesar and Rembrant, Nelson Rockefeller and Russo, Rubens and Petrarch, Pierre Cardin and Tom Hanks, Dalai Lama XIV, and many others were born under the sign of the Cancer.

Wonderful ring of extraordinary beauty conceals many puzzles in itself as the representatives of this sign themselves. In a Cancer's delicately stylized nippers we see a symbol of secrets and desires – a mysterious and wonderful pearl. Rubies, the sparkling eyes, enliven the ring. The diamonds are seemingly reflecting the gleam of sea foam in elastic waves of a ring, made in smooth ergonomic shapes reminiscent of a line of sea surf. The Cancer is a sign of Water and this is an element of feelings. As if rolling sea waves emotions of the Cancers can end with a destructional burst.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin