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«Splashes of Champagne»

Citrine Diamond Silver Ring

Collection: Lux Class


silver, diamonds, fantasy citrine.

№ Н-21-06-261

A moment of celebration and festivity surrounded by the light of diamonds and joyful noise. Triumphant exclamations and invocational phrases, accompanied by cheerful laughter…

Or maybe a quiet evening on the seashore, where the moonlight creeps on the waves like a silver path. Warm hands, a touch and a hot look eye to eye, a heartfelt confession and cherished three words…

There are many moments in life. They are like stars in the sky: different, but certainly bright. Filled with joyful experiences and splashes of champagne.

Crafted out of noble silver, the precious ring has an unusual shape that resembles champagne bubbles in a glass, sparkling with diamonds. Together they envelop a unique fantasy citrine, a stone of sun and warmth. The light passing through this stone creates incredible pictures and patterns inside it.

The ring of Сhampagne Splashes is a special companion of wonderful moments of life. It is composed of these moments and a unique piece of jewelry that is suitable for any occasion.

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