1.01 Carat Blue Sapphire Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, sapphire - 1.01 Carat

№ 210725/Н-15-11-866

Puzzles of existence make harmony, in which the darkness and light, smoothness and directness, big and small are suitable to each other.

Out of the torn bars of a jewelry song of the golden ring, out of changeable sizes and colors, engravings and scatterings, haze and shine, the perfect combination for crafting the excellent jewelry piece is born. As well as out of the elements of the classics and stylization, ancient methods and innovative techniques from the light of fantasy and filigree skill the Unity comes with the eternal dispute between crafts and creation.

The artist creates new things, based on the rules and canons. He disputes with predecessors, listens to them, brings his vision and view, creates his image.

And only in this dialog of art and mastery, intuition and knowledge, true masterpieces are born. It is the only way the world sees the true unity in which the magic play of light of beautiful white diamond will flare on the background of the warm gold, shaded by the clear light of blue sapphire.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin