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«Sunny Bouquet»

Yellow Sapphire Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, amethysts, diamonds, yellow diamonds, rubies, yellow sapphires, pink sapphires.

№ Н-17-04-219

In a hidden corner of the fairy kingdom, there lived a great goldsmith. He was the most skilled craftsman in the whole realm, but no one knew his name. He made marvelous jewelry, each piece a masterpiece of beauty and splendor.

One sunny day, he was inspired by the sight of the palace gardens, full of blooming flowers. He decided to create a ring that would capture all the joy and brightness of that day.

He chose a yellow sapphire as the center stone of the ring. It sparkled like a drop of golden sunlight among the other gems. Around it, he placed small amethysts, forming an intricate pattern that resembled a cluster of violet petals. Their purple hue reminded him of the summer evenings when the sky turned into a mysterious canvas.

He then added yellow and white diamonds along the edge of the ring, creating a dazzling contrast with the sapphire. They shone like stars in the night sky, their tiny flashes creating a sense of movement and wonder. He also added some rubies, to give the ring a touch of warmth and passion.

As he finished his work, he noticed the beautiful roses in one of the royal gardens. They looked so much like pink sapphires, glowing like the morning dawn when the sun’s rays lit up the world. He carefully picked some of the gems and set them in the ring, completing his sunny bouquet.

Sunny Bouquet is a stunning and unique gold ring that combines the radiance of sunlight, the fragrance of flowers, and the magic of precious stones. It is a symbol of eternal beauty and a reminder that the world around us is full of wonderful things that we should cherish and protect.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin