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Gold Gem Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, white diamonds, yellow diamond, pink sapphire, white topaz.

№ Н-16-05-354

The jewelry makers of Lobortas have created a ring that captures all the splendor and individuality of the majestic Sun, dazzling with its unique beauty and brilliance – a precious golden ring of Sunbeam.

In the center of the ring, a stunning white topaz encloses a radiant yellow diamond, resembling the Sun, emitting golden-orange rays. Its sparkling luster, shimmering and reflecting in the clarity of topaz, like the sunbeams piercing through the transparent air and lighting up everything around, creates an impression of heavenly harmony and joy.

Like clouds drifting lightly in the sky, diamonds surrounding the “Sun” add airiness and delicacy to the ring. A pink sapphire gives the ring a special elegance.

The ring of Sunbeam embodies all the energy and power of the Sun, the source of inner light, evoking the constant movement of the life-giving celestial body. To wear it on your finger means to be the owner of a real work of art inspired by the warmth of sunlight.


Photo by Vladislav Filin