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Gold Diamond Smoky Quartz Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, diamonds, smoky quartz.

№ 713213

Petals of the ring will open,

Gleams of confessions will spread...

Love which words usually cannot express can sometimes be explained in the language of art. A vow of allegiance given to God and to each other can be bonded by a beautiful jewel, a tiny engagement ring. Such rings are always crowned by a big gemstone and are to be worn on a ring finger of the left hand. Our ancestors considered that this finger is closer to the heart.

Ray-shaped petals of this beautiful piece of art reflect feelings and spread from shining Rauchquartz, that is smoky quartz of a hundred high-intensive shades. It is full of strong energy and magical facilities, which heal traumas and make one free from jealousy.

In amazing shine of 428 diamonds something will flash out: facets of this magical flower or the crown which unites two hearts by its magnificence. Light coming through the cut and refracted in it will remember your emotions and save it for long years. It will do it for you to feel precious freshness of feelings, golden power of passion and diamond magnificence of devotion when you look at this ring after all those years will have passed. You will also feel a tiny shade of tenderness, bonded with your love awakening, captured in this mysterious and elegant smoky quartz.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las