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Diamonds Amethyst Gold Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, diamonds, amethyst.

№ 753961

"A bloom may live for a few moments

A lily, maybe, for a day

you are there in my heart, long forever

fleur-de-lis! I love you that way!"

Soumya Dash, “Fleur-De-Lis”

Engagement ring "Fleur-De-Lis" is a royal flower to your loved's corsage.

Fleur-de-lis (fleur d'lys) is a heraldic symbol, but not only. Long time before the lily became a court flower of French royal greatness, it enjoyed the universal love and was respected as the flower of brides. Aristocratic families in France had a custom, according to which a groom sent a bouquet of real flowers, which was essential to include a wonderful, familiar to the beloved, lily. Each morning, up to the wedding! Since lily is a luxury and virtue, strength and curiosity, grandeur and esteem.

Engagement ring "Fleur-De-Lis". The symbol of royal power, the symbol of power of love! Golden petals of the precious lily are intertwined in the airy, delicate minuet and with the sounds of harpsichord you will hear today the declaring the words. Droplets of the Milky Way are sparkling with diamonds on the majestic flower, and hallowed amethyst (the stone was called so in the Middle Ages) of a beautiful tint, changing a little with different lighting, will tell this love story later on. According to legend, the Saint Valentine, the patron of lovers, wore an amethyst ring with an engraved Cupid on his finger as well!

Among the petals and precious senses artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House have ciphered the sign of infinity as a belief in the fact that love does not bow before time and distance.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin