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«Winter Waltz»

Diamond Topaz Gold Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, diamonds, topaz, diamond.

№ 753937

“Winter waltz” was created in Art Nouveau style, aristocratic and democratic at the same time, appropriate for a prepared person who is able to see in its simple composition or a purposely complicated figurativeness and metaphoricalness of its meaning. Art Nouveau pieces of art are original, often existing in single copies. But a basis of the style is a synthesis of arts. Art Nouveau uses a wide range of lines and shapes, musical expression and poetic symbolism.

Exclusive engagement ring “Winter waltz” is a paragon of Art Nouveau allegory. G-clef shape sends us back to a precious Mendelssohn melody. Gold makes the ring more sophisticated and calm-looking at the same time, underlines magnificence of a heart stone and nobility of the others.

The gemstones are the ring`s real merit. Blue topaz is an extremely solid and kingly mineral. It says that your sweetheart is a unique one and your feelings are strong. Diamonds make the ring more sophisticated and its brightness more soft, and due to this reason the heart stone marine-colored shade becomes more intensive. Their quantity, three ones, symbolyze the past, the present and the future pairs. This kind of design having become popular in the Victorian era can be called a classic one.

Diamond is a symbol of eternal love. Blue topaz makes precious dreams come true. Besides that it is a devoted guard of sincere relationships. It will help you express your feelings and your sweetheart listen to her heart and say that cherished “yes”.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin