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«Rose of Dreams»

Diamond Topaz Gold Ring


Collection: King On Throne

gold, diamonds, topaz.

№ Н-16-11-682

Enclosed in shining stones, the Rose of Dreams precious ring tells a story of wonder and delight. This exquisite creation of nature, reproduced in a golden ring, transports you to a colorful fantasy world, filling your soul with endless joy and fun. No wonder the rose flower has been a source of inspiration for many writers, poets, and artists for centuries.

But the real magic lies in the unique combination of diamonds and topaz that adorn this amazing ring. Your eyes are drawn to the noble play of colors that envelop the flower. Like the stars of the heavenly sky, diamonds shimmer with a burst of sparkling lights, reflecting them in thousands of hues, among which the regal topaz sits proudly. Golden petals glowing in soft light create a feeling of etherealness and grace. The goldsmiths of Lobortas, who gave life to this precious jewelry, created a stunning composition that captures the essence of the fragrance of a fresh rose on the waves of the boundless beauty of the flower, recreating its scent in precious stones.

The Rose of Dreams golden ring is a symbol of eternal beauty, true love, and happy moments crystallized in stones, which, mirroring our own sensuality, open the door to unknown horizons and infinite splendor. When you look at this gem, you are filled with admiration and realize that beautiful things are sometimes created to take us away from the mundane, reviving our confidence in fantasy again.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin