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Diamond Topaz Gold Ring

Collection: King On Throne

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, topaz.

№ Н-16-09-534

The beauty of movement, emotion, and harmony inspired the goldsmiths of the Lobortas Jewelry House to create the ring of Grace. It captures the essence of a person who is in tune with themselves and the world around them, radiating lightness, joy, and inspiration.

The ring’s elegance is enhanced by intricate patterns engraved on the gold surface. The patterns are adorned with sparkling diamonds, symbolizing love and loyalty. They reflect the happiness and admiration of those who behold the ring. At the center of the ring, a noble topaz shines as a sign of inner perfection and beauty. Above it, a stunning white diamond crowns the ring with its brilliance.

The gold ring of Grace is a gem that expresses harmony and grace, a piece of jewelry that glows brighter than the sun and moon.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin