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«The Flower Of Cosmos»

Diamond Sapphire Citrine Gold Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, diamonds, sapphires, citrine.

№ Н-15-10-801

The Flower Of Cosmos is an exquisite piece of artistic jewelry that embodies the essence of true beauty. It captivates the poets and artists who envision splendid gardens in this ring, where the Cosmos flowers blossom under the radiant beams of the morning sun. This is a realm full of secrets, mysteries, and fairy tales, where each petal has its own unique story to tell.

Your imagination will transport you to the magical world of beauty, where gold glitters in the sunlight and promises many wonders, and dazzling diamonds sparkle with light and create a charming aura around the precious jewel. At the center, a splendid citrine stands out and mimics the golden-yellow hue of the ring, adding sunshine and joy, while the pink-tinted sapphire nestled inside the citrine evokes the sunset glow of the sky.

A noble and refined ring, the Flower of Cosmos, can be the perfect accessory for any occasion – whether it is a party, a social reception, or a romantic date. It creates a stunning accent on the finger of its owner, attracting attention and eliciting admiration from others, enveloping them with its elegance and splendor.

May the Flower of Cosmos continue to bloom and inspire the one who finds it in her hands, filling her with wonderful sparkling emotions, giving her a sense of strength, confidence, and luxury, transporting her to a parallel world where beauty is ineffable, and inspiration is eternal.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin