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«Crown of Love»

Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, white diamonds.

№ Н-15-12-955

The love that is not always possible to be worded, sometimes is remarkably explained by the language of the arts. Vow of fidelity before God and to each other, tested by time and circumstances – the Crown of Love.

The edges of magic flowers are flaring up in a breathtaking perfection of diamond scatterings and are crowning the union of two hearts with their luxury. The light, which pierces the cut and is refracted in it, will remember your emotions and store it for years to come, in order that you may feel both precious freshness of sentiments, golden force of passion and diamond splendor of dedication, while looking at this memorable piece of jewellery many years later. Therefore, you will feel a fine mist of tenderness, connected with awakening of your love, captured in mysterious and elegant diamond.

Crown of Love is a jewellery masterpiece that brings happiness. It is a diamond music of the heart, endlessness of love and infinity of dreams.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin