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«Forest Violet»

Diamond Amethyst Gold Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, diamonds, amethyst.

№ 753952

Engagement ring "Forest Violet". The forest violet – a flower of magical force. Its delicate aroma intoxicates and mixes with the iciness of spring snow. And when the forest violet rises, it means that the time has come for ice to run. But sometimes violets gladden somebody's heart.

Once the girl who admires this flower meets a young man with ardent reputation. Unlike the fanciful attires of the peers, the charming girl's dress was decorated with only a few small bouquets of flowers. The entire evening a young general and his surprise amante were never leaving each other's side. And in the moment of declaration, a small bouquet decorating a corsage of the pretty girl, fell to the ground. The young man picked it up, and having kissed, took it with him.

In a year the sweethearts were getting married at the Paris town hall and people welcomed the spouses Joséphine and Napoléon Bonaparte! So a modest violet has helped to tie two loving hearts. And, of course, it was an embellisher on the wedding dress of the Napoleon's beloved woman.

Engagement ring "Forest Violet" owns a magnet magic. A very elegant engraving and the excellent diamonds – the gifts on the altar of love. Artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House placed a beautiful dreaming amethyst into the complex fusion of gold and diamond threads, as if purposely shading the innocence of spring vestal. Towering above the precious splendor violet amethyst cloaks the entire piece in romantic veil.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin