Smoky Quartz Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: High-End


gold, diamonds, black diamonds, smoky quartz.

№ 615065

It is rather controversial statement that a man can not become an outstanding person by birth. Maybe somewhere in heaven our life has bee predestined by stars and planets, especially the lives of outstanding people: monarchs, generals, genius artists and writers. They can decide about destinies of people and states pulling invisible strings of wishes and aspirations.

Destinies of famous precious gemstones are also interesting. Their fate is unpredictable: To be the heart of the composition, to sit on the jewelry masterpiece, to be cut in a certain way for a piece of art. And future color design, picture, cut, genre peculiarities may be hidden in mysterious books in heaven to be later implemented by the master`s hand.

Diamonds burn with bright sparkles with full cut of 57 faces under rare smoky quartz. A beautiful ring glitters in mysterious shine of sprinkled diamonds. These magnificent sprinkled diamonds are put as on a chessboard with its aparkling sufface up and down.

Gorgeous and unusual fanciful S-shaped cut of the gemstone was created by the jeweler of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House especially for this ring. Due to an exclusive stained-glass fixation the ring has no underside. Magical and unusual composition of the decoration is a delight to the eyes.

Enormous power and passion is hidden in the ring as if great cardinal Richelieu himself has given it his victorious energy.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin