«The Lacemaker»

Sapphire Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: High-End


gold, diamonds, sapphires, central oval sapphire.

A beautiful sapphire in a frame of gold and diamonds that look like lace...Such a combination gives a birth to memories of snow sparkling under moonlight, frozen windows, sea foam that Venus comes from and sophisticated accessories for a wedding dress. Names of jewels are very important in this kind of art. They often become a kind of a symbolic key to their stylistic structure. The ring “Lacemaker” refers to the famous painting by Vasiliy Tropinin painted in 1823. Look at this beautiful girl`s face on the portrait: her skin shines with divine light and her big eyes are turned to spectators. They are deep and bright like sapphires. This image is full of amazing charm: tiny fingers make lace, a kind of a destiny`s ornament of dreams and hopes. This romantic motif can be felt in a unique oval sapphire. Its mysterious and deep shine is supported by a “chorus” of and sapphires that shine like the stars. A sophisticated lace-looking frame of the sapphire resembles an Eastern drop-shaped ornament, one of the most popular lace motifs.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin