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Pearl Diamond Ruby Gold Ring

Collection: High-End


gold, pearl, diamonds, rubies.

№ H-20-01-033/3

Gold ring of Aphrodite is an easy victory of charm and love over the force of attraction. The light movement of the original beauty, soaring to the sky, and the amazing radiance of precious stones that catch the rays of the Sun and radiate love, and the magic diamond sparks that echo it. It is as if the Creator has distinguished himself by the filigree cut of feelings that are born in the chaste snow-white foam and lift us above the boundless sea of life. We are to reach the heavens in the emotions of happiness... and to absorb every moment of happiness of love above the sky, in the brilliance of diamonds, therefore to share it as a smile, since there are no restrictions in touching perfection… as in love.

Diamonds and pearls are a starry song of sincerity and female chosenness. Amazing precious stones that are destined to become family heirlooms. This is the present day, a reminder of the past, and dreams of the future and the light from them will shine like stars for future generations.

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