«Monte Bianco»

Pearl Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: High-End


gold, diamonds and pearl.

Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco is the top of the French Alps, a crystalline core-area, frozen in its majestic beauty. Breathtaking height, edges of the rocks, where flaunt crystals of snow-capped peaks are standing in beauty even in the hot summer. A person can only admire the splendor of the architectural craftsmanship of nature. On the other hand, may he or she take a chance of conquering these inaccessible heights?

Sure, Charles Percier and Le Corbusier drew inspiration repeatedly from the amazing scenery of his native nature, by designing geometric masterpieces of French architecture. Having gathered the best technical and jewellery solutions, talented artists managed to reveal the ring, able to impress the eyes and imagination of even the most discerning connoisseurs. The form of this precious work resembles a kaleidoscope of crystals reflected in each other, as if frozen on the tops of Alpine mountains.

Within the refined design, free and pure pearl lives on the ring. Its movements are in tune with the movements of the owner. In the arms of gold and diamonds, noble pearls create an inimitable sound like the melody of a drop that is born at the moment, when the first rays of the hot sun touch the crystal-clear mountain icicles.

It is easy to subdue these unapproachable heights, one has only to become the owner of a real piece of jewellery architecture with an Alpine accent!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin