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«Breath of Two Hearts»

Gold Diamond Sapphire Ruby Ring

Collection: High-End


gold, diamonds, blue sapphires, rubies.

As if from the great painter's dream, where the pristine beauty of blue sapphires and red rubies that form the heart in the central composition, the sensuous shape of the Breath of Two Hearts jewellery ring is exquisitely framed with diamonds and elegant classic engraving on gold.

The mystery of the visible masterpiece of art embodies the mystification of the great genius of the XXI century's artisans and artists, where fantastic, captivating and symbolic phenomena hide beyond the bright things.

The combination of magnificent sapphires, rubies, filled with the power of influence, and the brilliance of delightful perfect cut diamonds, scattered like stars, complemented by the radiant light of gold, creates a special atmosphere of luxury.

Like in works by Salvador Dali, the main thing is hidden in detail. Luxurious and at the same time exciting jewellery masterpiece by the Lobortas artisans conceals the innermost feelings of the two.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin