«The Wizard of the Emerald City»

Emerald Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: High-End


white gold, a centre stone - emerald, diamonds.

№ 713112

The power of inspiration is huge,

And unforgettable,

Its magic is sent by heaven...

Magic of artistry, a miracle of inspiration, a mystery of art... Creation of a masterpiece is a long process. It happens in our presence involving us into exploration of the great, beautiful and charming mystery of art.

That is how the flower opens its amazing gold petals in which mysterious emerald sparkles with solid and marvelous light. Mysterious solid light is stronger due to the reflection made by gold surfaces of the ring. In this luxurious mystery the gemstone`s reflection underlines its amazing beauty.

The master of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House use unique difficult techniques, know the secrets that help breath energy into the jewels, give them emotions and feelings.

Nobody can feel how difficult is the way of the jewel from an idea through the intricacies of the techniques to its implementation. Nobody can make the secret of this craft open because it is out of ordinary perception.

And then magic comes: the gemstone`s shape start changing optically from short distance and its borders become unclear. Only emerald splashes of cold fire make a magical image of a favorite fairytale.


Special features of the work:

1. The know-how technique was used – mirror system, consisting of the plane strew with diamonds and reflective mirror (white gold). This is a unique design of the Classic House "Lobortas."

2. Angles of the mirror slopes of the top part of the ring distribute the reflected green color of the rays penetrated through green emerald in a such way that all internal space of the ring is filled with emerald color. No treated emerald.

3. The work is crafted out of the sheet gold, without molding and industrial technologies.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin