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«At the Summer Ball»

Blue Sapphire Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: High End


18ct yellow gold, a centre stone - sapphire 4.37ct, total diamond weight of 3.84ct 527pcs.

№ 615146

Charming and light lacy decorations make a gorgeous cascade with amazingly beautiful sapphire on its top. Ultramarine light of this gemstone reminds of gentle wind during a passionate dance. Gold and diamonds with their honey light create an atmosphere of celebration. The main element of dimensional composition are amazingly beautiful butterflies which look like as if they were flying upon a solemn Summer Ball. Butterfly is used to be a symbol of lightness and beauty in many cultures. Beside being a symbol of changes, in ancient cultures the butterfly was a reflection of resurrection of an immortal soul. In Ancient Greece butterflies symbolized immortality of the soul. It is obvious in the image of Psyche, a girl with butterfly`s wings. In Japan butterfly is a symbol of a young woman. Two butterflies dancing around each other symbolyze happy marriage.


Special features of the work:

The uniqueness of the artistic solution of the ring is that it is made of several dozens of small handcrafted parts that have been put together according to the classic jewellery system of thermal soldering into a single composition. It possesses lightness and slimmer of elements in which the diamonds are fastened.

Heated sapphire.

The work is crafted out of the sheet gold, without molding and industrial technologies.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin