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«Spruce Branches»

Enamel Gold Ring

Collections: Ethnic Patterns


gold, enamel.

№ 379/2

Grandly billowing mountains with green spruce pikes cutting into the blue skies… These are reserved places, glorious with their original people, beliefs and traditions.

Symbolic pine pattern on the Spruce Branches ringlet by artisans of Lobortas embodied all the best features and properties of the legendary character – spruce, a symbol of courage, fidelity, longevity and immortality, the royal merits.

Ancient Slavs believed that if one was sick, he or she should go to the woods, choose an old, solid spruce, hug it, pull his or her whole body and the tree would cure, it would take all the disease away. Surely the Spruce Branches ring, created by skilled hands, with the piece of artisan's soul enclosed will be able to give good health to its owner.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin