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«Guelder Rose»

Enamel Gold Ring

Collection: Ethnic Patterns


gold, enamel.

№ 348/1

Graceful like one of the most beautiful women, a guelder rose was considered a patron of Feminine. Modest and charming, she was considered to be a talisman and was associated with mother care, warmness of the hearth and absolutely pure intentions.

Guelder rose a paragon of virtue. Its white pure inflorescences make a soul happy and full of excitement of the coming wonder. And then the wonder comes: having drunk all the dew drops, tiny sunny flowers become wonderful inflorescences. Each little berry has a heart inside. It lives and breathes in unison with other ones of exactly the same shape.

This devoted love is expressed in this sophisticated ring covered with guelder rose inflorescences. It will become a talisman for a woman who will be able to appreciate it. Being a symbol of fidelity, the guelder rose will settle in its mistress` heart giving her feeling of joy and protection. Grace praised in tiny branches made of enamel on gold surface will surely become a permanent companion for the woman who appreciates a devoted heart.

The artist who painted the guelder rose was inspired by a beautiful woman. He managed to feel and express her artistic expectations perfectly.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin