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Silver Diamond Cubic Zirconia Ring

Collection: Eco Collection


silver, СVD diamonds, light green cubic zirconia.

№ Н-22-08-273

The exquisite ring of Irradiation is a shining mosaic of noble silver, brilliant diamonds, and a lavish phianite at its crown. The ring, crafted with meticulous precision, showcases the artistic flair of its makers and the allure of precious stones. It transcends the ordinary with its unique shape, and its surface is a canvas for intricate engraving.

The focal point of the Irradiation is a large lettuce-green phianite, a masterfully cut gemstone that draws the eye with its deep hue. The mirrored surface around the splendid phianite forms a luminous halo that amplifies the glow of the gemstone. This inventive design feature makes the ring resemble a miniature kaleidoscope that captures and refracts light, creating a captivating dance of colors that evokes the bounty of nature and symbolizes growth, renewal, and the cyclical nature of life. Diamonds sprinkled on the surface of the ring add opulence to the piece of jewelry, symbolizing endurance and everlasting love. With their indomitable hardness, diamonds serve as a metaphor for the strength of human ties.

The skill of Lobortas jewelers, the selection of materials and symbolic artistic elements interwoven into its design, elevate the ring of Irradiation to the masterpiece symbolizing the interplay of light, the richness of nature and the lasting power of human bonds.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las