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«Talisman of Desires»

Cubic Zirconia Diamond Silver Ring

Collection: Eco Collection


silver, CVD diamonds, cubic zirconia purple.

№ Н-22-08-275

Talisman of Desires is a silver incarnation of desires and enchanting dreams. At its heart, there lies a royal purple cubic zirconia – a mystical gemstone, in which the very essence of twilight shades seems to be captured. Diamonds dance like stars in a celestial ballet with their brilliance echoing the cosmic whisper of desires.

The surface of the ring is a fascinating tapestry of waves, created using the engraving technique. The waves shimmer on the surface of the metal, like a manifestation of the energies that connect the owner of the ring with the infinite space of possibilities of the Universe.

The synergy of silver, violet and diamond glow is like an ethereal melody, accompanying the whimsical flights of fancy of dreams. The precious ring of Talisman of Desires is a guide to the magical realm, where dreams and reality converge in a charming dance.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las