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Cubic Zirconia Diamond Silver Ring

Collection: Eco Collection


silver, CVD diamonds, blue cubic zirconia.

№ Н-22-02-103

A mesmerizing tale of elegance and infinite realms of imagination, enchanting the beholder with refined craftsmanship and artistic vision – a precious ring of Heavenly Lagoon with phianite and diamonds.

The deep blue hue of phianite, crowning the Heavenly Lagoon, evokes the limitless sky and serves as a stunning centerpiece. Its geometric shape lends the jewel a contemporary flair, infusing it with a sense of modern sophistication.

Diamonds, artfully arranged in a circular motion, cascade around the triangular central stone. The interplay of light and shadow through the facets of these diamonds creates a lively visual effect, transforming the ring into a miniature celestial lagoon. The triangular shape, often symbolizing stability and harmony, gracefully complements the dynamic movement of diamonds, and the subtle balance achieved between the bold, angular lines of the central stone and the diffused radiance of diamonds attests to the artist’s pursuit of excellence.

The precious ring of Heavenly Lagoon is a sparkling symphony of silver and phianite resonating with the eternal beauty and vastness of the sky, which invites the owner to embark on a journey through the marvelous Heavenly Lagoon.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las