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Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Diamond Know How


gold, diamonds.

№ Н-19-05-376/2

The Swallowtail ring is the embodiment of elegance and grace. It captures the lightness of flight and grace of a slender bird, the beauty that it demonstrates circling in the sky in the jewel.

The unique patented technology of diamond-setting, which resembles a swallowtail, requires experience, patience, and jewelry skill. The jewelers of Lobortas are famous for these qualities. Like an imitation of the flight of a swallow, each element of the precious ring is precise and elegant, measured and verified. As a result, it gives the world the beauty of a unique gem.

The Swallowtail gold ring is a deep symbol of hope and love, because these are the values that the swallow represents in different cultures and epochs. It was created for the one who is ready to appreciate freedom and wisdom, enjoy life and happiness, love and be loved. The gem of Swallowtail is a way to share your soul and your heart with another person.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las