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«The Song of Ruacana»

Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Diamond Know How


gold, 215 diamonds.

№ Н-16-02-121

Like a bridge between two worlds, it links the opposites. On one side, Angola’s verdant and fertile lands, on the other, Namibia’s ochre and sandy hills. On one side, the azure sky’s infinite dome, on the other, the earth’s splendid grace. One of the highest waterfalls in Africa, encircled by a rainbow born of diamond droplets of cascading water, sings its enchanting song.

Its love is a diamond that defies time, its strength is a pearl born in sea spray. Its sky is a blue sapphire, whose hue is deep and gorgeous; its soul is a ruby that pulses like a heart in a golden frame of the sun.

The ring of Ruakan’s Song is a symbol of freedom and beauty; it is the radiance of diamonds and the elegance of gold. This is the might and magic of nature, skillfully concealed in a precious jewel that will suit the lovely wearer.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las