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«Flower of Paradise Garden»

Spessartite Garnet Sapphire Ruby Gold Pendant-Brooch


gold, spessartite garnet, terracotta sapphire, rubies.

№ 172098

Paradise garden is a common topic in culture of the Orient. Taj Mahal is a bright example of traditional perceptions of the space and a legend about eternal love. Brooch-pendant “Flower of Paradise Garden” is multi-functional and can be a decoration, a pendant or a clip. It will bring pleasant moments to a beautiful woman whose heart is full of passion. Light of mysterious treasures and a great delight of the Paradise garden can be found in this piece of art by Lobortas Classic Jewellery House.              

This unique decoration is inspired by art of the Mughals whose luxury and prosperity have become a legend. In pieces of art made in the Minakari and Kundan styles that appeared under the influence of the Mughal dynasty botanic ornaments were very common. In the brooch “Flower of Paradise Garden” there are amazingly beautiful gemstones, a combination of rubies and terracotta sapphires that bring magic of fairy-tales. This flower-shaped brooch is like a feather of the Firebird that brings happiness.              

Numerous jewellery houses were inspired by luxury treasures of the Mughal emperors. Among them are “Carrera y Carrera” that produced the collection “Taj Mahal”, “Cartier” that made the amazing collection “Inde Mysterieuse”, traditional botanic motifs can be found in the collections of “Boucheron” such as “Leon Hatot” and “Brumani”. Precious decorations that follow the style of Indian Maharajas make our everyday life more colorful due to the Oriental magic and make us feel as real emperors of our lives.              

Brooch-pendant “Flower of Paradise Garden” by Lobortas Classic Jewellery House is hand-made. It is different from fabric products because the master who created it gave it all his inspiration and a piece of his heart.              

You can buy the unique brooch-pendant “Flower of Paradise Garden” that is presented in this catalog online or in our salon. We kindly ask you to call us before your visit. With our master`s help you can create absolutely new and unique handmade brooches that will fulfill your expectations and satisfy your taste.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las