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«Pearl Fleece»

Pendant with necklace


gold, diamonds, pearls, sapphires, blue enamel.

№ 753951

Truly beautiful things give us a feeling of lightness all the time. The flight of an airy cloud in a serene sky is the only thing to compare it with. When a gentle breeze blows the sublime snow- white clouds akin to sheep across celestial meadows, it seems that you can watch this miracle everlastingly.

When creating the Pearl Fleece pendant, the artists took into account all the features of splendiferous natural phenomena. That is precisely why the work impresses with its elegance. The flexible plastic shape of the pendant resembles the soft curls of a young sheep's wool. The lightness of its pace, graceful movements and warm carefree eyes are read in the goldsmith's talented work.

Omnitude of the loftiness, the vertiginous sensation of flying and the wide blue yonder are embodied in the shimmer of diamonds that bestrew the masterpiece. Moreover, a majestic star reflecting the warmth of sapphires flaunts above the precious beauty of a lamb symbolizing elegant modesty and trust in everything beautiful. The heavenly lamb – this cute light cloud in the wide and beautiful sky of the proud owner's feelings – was happy to put its trust in the pearl necklace. After all, the absolute beauty of pearls and their mysterious glow perfectly matches the jewellery miracle, which is a pendant of Pearl Fleece crafted with love by a talented artisan.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin