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Gold Sapphire and Opal Pendant


gold, yellow sapphires, opal.

№ 753809

Where the gold flows with the drops of jewellery mystery, where the opal's magic glimmers in oval spheres, where the drawings of the heavenly cherubs’ wings are curved, the refinement of delicate pendant is born. Exquisite, unimaginable, elegant and fragile...

Images, thoughts, and presentiments hover in artistic parallel worlds like cherubs in distant heights. They come to artists in dreams to stir their imagination until are embodied in something human-made, tangible… durable. In something that you can give or hold, tell or imagine.

By intertwining with patterns, echoing with images, waving with soft lines of strong and durable ancient alloy, they show something unique, hitherto designed by no one – as a soul, as a thrill, as a light mystical fleur. Thus, only he, who caught, who felt, who helped to incarnate, who brought it to the light of God by putting emotions and feelings, faith and love, energy and secrets of skill in them... only he can claim the high title of Artisan.

He will hear the songs of the cherubs, see their signs, feel the material in which they will appear to the world this time, come up with the form and composition of an elegant and delicate pendant. It will recreate the harmony of shades and perfection of cut precious stones and metals, will dissolve us in the haze of opal and density of sapphire – the mysterious stone of eternity and power. Isn't that the true magic of art?

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Photo by Dmitriy Las