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«Spring Awakening»

Gold Diamond Topaz Pendant


gold, white diamonds, topaz, diamond 0,15ct.

№ 15-03-229/Н-16-04-236

"You, goddess, at your coming hush the winds and scatter the clouds
For you the creative earth thrusts up fragrant flowers
For you the smooth stretches of the ocean smile,
And the sky, tranquil now, is flooded with effulgent light."

- From On the Nature of Things by Titus Lucretius Carus, Roman poet (I century BC).

Spring Awakening. The Spring by Botticelli inspired artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House to create a pendant as delicate as silk petals. In the elegant interweaving of golden sunbeams, there is a morning kiss of Flora, and mermaid's slyness of the mistress of spring paradise, and the cold diamond transparency of her gaze. In the magical friendliness of the Spring, there is the charm of nature and the generosity of anticipation. It is 15 minutes before spring enters every life, only the yellow primroses are the first ones to announce its awakening and forthcomingness of the time of love.

But the higher the sun rises, the more profusely Botticelli's Spring spreads its roses and its riches while giving everyone the generosity of God's beauty! Like a primrose, sunny-bright, golden citrine stretches up to there, where the exultant trills of birds sound, where the excitement of the ether, sweet spiritual anxiety and longing of expectation are. In the delicate exquisite engraving, in the golden ligature by jewelers of Lobortas, you can hear the melody of drops, guess the hidden dreams and see the first butterflies hovering like elves over the primroses.

The Spring Awakening pendant is a sensual charm of reviviscence.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las