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«Leaf Fall»

Tanzanite Diamond Enamel Pendant


gold, silver, tanzanite, diamonds, enamels.

№ H-20-04-150

“A leaf from a branch falling

On the autumn day it is golden”

Fiery-golden autumn slowly stepped into its domain, repainting the neighborhood with yellow-red colors, as if kindling bonfires. The sky took on a deeper blue hue, giving birth, in combination with the golden district, a truly incredible riot of colors.

Jewelers carefully transferred the picture of a sunny autumn day into a charming pendant, combining colorful jewelry enamels with elegant golden lines and elements of artful engraving, repeating the drawing of an autumn leaf. Precious diamonds shine between the leaves, like frozen drops of autumn rain. In the center of the pendant, there is a beautiful tanzanite, repeating the color of the sky.

An innovative technical solution allows the pendant to change its image at the slightest movement of the head.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin