«Fairy Tail Animals»


Silver Diamond Sapphire Enamel Pendant


silver, gold, diamonds, blue sapphires, yellow sapphires, enamel (finift) "Scorpio".

№ Н-15-03-207

The pendant “Fairy-tale Animals. The Scorpio”. Ancient stars make one of the most beautiful constellation, the Scorpion. The masters of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House inspired by it created a pendant in ArtNaif style that refers to our childhood when art and life were the same.

The jewelers of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House used an old technique of enamel and glass to paint that old times of totems when people and animals had spoken the same language, when branches of trees were borders between the earth and the sky, when the Scorpion and the Bull, the The Water-Bearer and the Sea- Goat had roamed in wide fields before leaving them for the sky.

In every waving line of the Scorpio there is an elegant simplicity that can not be called simple. Genetic memory and cultural heritage of our ancestors are hidden behind bright colors of enamels.

The pendant “Fairy-tale Animals. The Scorpio”. This is an item of jewelry for those who can look at the sky as children do.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin