«Fairy Tail Animals»


Silver Diamond Enamel Pendant


silver, gold, diamonds, enamel (finift) "Taurus".

№ Н-15-03 208

The pendant “Fairy-tale Animals. “The Taurus” The heavenly Bull pastures in the sky fields and watches the earth changing. Since the Neolithic age civilizations have been appearing and disappearing. But people do not change. Deep inside their souls they remain children.

Primitive pictures of bulls made by our ancestors in approximately 15000 B.C. Were found in the Lascaux cave. They look very much like the pictures of the famous Ukrainian artist Maria Pryimachenko. We cen learn a lot from childish perception of the world.

The masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House who created the pendant “Fairy-tale Animals. The Taurus” intentionally made the picture very simple, almost primitive as folk art, as art of children and the first people.

This picture is decorated with gemstones and colored like fire.

The pendant “Fairy-tale Animals. “The Taurus” It is an example of modern Art Naif.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin