«Notre Dame Angel»

Pearl Diamond Enamel Gold Pendant


gold, diamonds, pearl, enamel.

№ H-20-03-108

Blurring shapes and reflections, unsteady mirror-like miracle, embodied in a tiny fragile pendant... The little angel, spreading its wings like a talisman over the centuries-old shadow of the famous Cathedral, looks like a light flower from its beautiful stained glass window. The hearts, engraved on the planes polished to a high mirror shine, give love and warmth, and a diamond halo over the pearl carries light and holiness.

Artists of the Lobortas managed to create a man-made jewelry masterpiece of fantasy and charm. Having placed a vertical with classic hot enamel, which is reflected in the symmetrical luxury of gold plates, they created a jewelry mould magical in its lightness and unsteadiness, unusual blurring and charming tenderness.

Moreover, in this piece elegant, almost impressionistic in its elusive charm, there is so much warmth and light, so much mysterious shimmer – and, at the same time, simple and understandable cozy tenderness – that they are abundant enough for one's soul, and for the whole universe, dissolved under the arches of Notre-Dame de Paris…

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Photo by Vladislav Filin