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«Paradise Garden»

Enamel Gold Pendant


gold, enamel.

№ 449-3

A perfect image, an ideal model of the Universe that reflects all wishes of the humankind. A universal symbol that explains a lot of myths and stories that unite the earth and heaven.

Only there life is beautiful and happy. Only there grow fruits that give immortality. Only there the Tree of life grows. Only there, in the paradise garden.

Every artist tells his history using certain instruments and techniques. The details are very important. Every piece of art from ancient icons up to modern jewelry will share their energy with you.

This sophisticated pendant is a little world. It is made of colors, shades and warmth of the gemstones. There is a fire red color of holy paradise birds whose tails are fixed to the roots of the emerald tree with a star-shaped frower on its top.

This is a beautiful myth with a solid space composition and bright colors. It is made by the master`s hands following the complicated technique of hot enamel. It is unique. It is a perfect piece of art. It is a sophisticated and elegant story of Eternity.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin