«Monkey - Athlete»

Enamel Gold Pendant


gold, classic jewelry enamel.

Simple figurine of the year's mascot can symbolize good luck, playfulness, dexterity, curiosity, fun and everything, with which the image of zodiacal Monkey has long been endowed. However, here the artists of the House "Lobortas" saw an athlete in him. He demonstrates his talents with pleasure, casually flexing his muscles and easily posing before afficionados of beautiful.

A jocular elegant composition, which depicts the resilient animal from the unusual side, is embodied in the series of miniature jewelry. Their character, mischievous and dexterous, cheerful and playful monkey is brought before us in the familiar hypostases first, then in the poetry of philosophic parables, then in the originality of rare scenes. And now the genuine creativity is in the search for a diversity of images, styles and their implementation, search for the conformity of the concept of the jewelry and universality of art objects. And, of course, in the ability to make it always perfectly, elegantly, reliably and delicately.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin