• Pendant «Faith, Hope and Love»

    gold, enamel  |  № 451/2

«Faith, Hope and Love»

Enamel Gold Pendant


gold, enamel, diamond.

№ 451/2

Once upon a time there lived three goddesses: Faith, Hope and Love. They were always together and gave every person their attention and filled his heart with joy. The masters of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House were inspired by this beautiful legend and created a unique pendant “Faith, Hope and Love”. There is a heart consisting of hundreds of mosaic pieces made of colorful enamel. Lifelines of it are wavy and broken in some places. The picture symbolizes the tree goddesses.

Love brings harmony and beauty, gives people happiness, unites their souls and makes their hearts beat faster like never before. Love is always beautiful and light.

Faith was born in the human hearts and becomes pure wind. It is light like breathing and gives people support. Faith inspires and fills the world with magic and wonder.

Hope has always been a diamond sparkle that lights the way in the dark. Its rays are like golden threads and help to find the right way. Hope gives vitality and will to live.

Let your heart be happy and inspired by “Faith, Hope and Love” by Lobortas Classic Jewelry House.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin