Enamel Diamond Silver Pendant


silver,diamond, enamel.

№ Н-17-06-309


Family ties make us feel that we belong to a big community. Family traditions are also strong. Great Mother Earth gives us faith, power and vitality. We have been praising her for centuries keeping her love and warmth. Every time we find new images that give light and joy. We admire the techniques that help to paint the old symbol of Berehynia. We appreciate magic of the jewelers` and the artists` skills.

Hot enamel was poured upon the surface of pure gold. Its splashed are like the sun filling the space around with bright colors. It is like the divine power that gives life.

A round shape of this pendant looks like a talisman that symbolizes the cycle of life. Wavy lines of the ornament is made in the guilloché technique. It is elegant and sophisticated. The structure of the ornament is complicated and deep. Transparent colors of enamel shine with magical light. This small pendant is not just decoration, it is a luxury piece of art.

Mother Berehynia protects its children and gives them a shelter under her wings.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin