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«The Heart of the Lotus»

Enamel Diamond Sapphire Silver Gold Pendant


silver, gold, diamonds, blue sapphire, enamel.

№ Н-19-10-749

The Heart of the Lotus pendant is a celestial embodiment of profound spirituality and intrinsic elegance, meticulously crafted by the masterful artisans of the esteemed House of Lobortas. Its visage is a mesmerizing kaleidoscope, where each intricate detail is a verse in an ode to the grandeur of nature.

The nucleus of the pendant unfurls like a blossoming lotus, a symbol of purity and enlightenment. Crafted with jewelled enamel, this floral marvel beckons one towards a realm of tranquillity and luminescence, a sanctuary where the mind and soul attain serene harmony.

The diamond-studded golden pattern emanates from the flower, with a blue sapphire at its core, radiating an enigmatic luminescence.

The pendant is adorned with engraved depictions of hearts. These symbols serve as gentle reminders of the power of love, symbolizing a deep connection to oneself and the surrounding cosmos.

The unique allure of this pendant lies in its patented innovative technique, which allows it to metamorphose its appearance with the slightest movement. It is as if the pendant springs to life, akin to the breath of nature, evolving under the influence of internal emotions and thoughts.

A testament to harmony and inner tranquillity, the resplendent Heart of the Lotus pendant becomes a beacon of inspiration and inner light. It permeates every facet of existence, transforming into an unending wellspring of purity and beauty that originates from within.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las