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«Inflorescence of Love»

Enamel Diamond Ruby Sapphire Topaz Gold Pendant


gold, diamonds, ruby, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, blue topaz, enamel.

№ H-15-03-224

In tinges of beautiful gems, in the brilliance of enchanting corundums in the splendor of noble and pure metals, in the hands of skillful jewellers and in the fantasies of artists the miracle is born. It unfurls as the wonderful flower, it is shown to the world as a funny and joyful rainbow, it is as a light-winged butterfly, as a widespread fan.

Glaring with stones of various colors, with the wizardry of combinations, with the magic of bends, with uncommonness of composition, with mastery of techniques this pendant enchants and delights. It is woven as if out of clouts of existence: patches of sunlight and summer heat, out of a bright mosaic of herbs, juicy berries and fresh leaves.

A piece of jewellery in which were reflected the gold of love and diamond expression, fiery passion of rubies and tenderness of pink sapphires, the fragility of the blue topazes and wonderful colors of finift enamel. This is the palette of feelings and emotions, complex and diverse as luxurious techniques with which the products of the Jewellery House "Lobortas" are crafted.

However different were the ways and the destinies of the lovers, they, as the elements of the complex composition of the pendant, will once again meet in the center, like petals of beautiful inflorescence, and the chaste as ice diamond will complete the image.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las