«Dolce Vita»

Enamel Diamond Rose Quartz, Chrysolite Gold Pendant


gold, diamonds, pink quartz, chrysolite, enamel.

№ H-17-04-211

 What distinguishes a virtuoso from a regular pastry Baker? First of all, talent and attention to the detail, and it’s only left to add the greatest love to his work – and, voila, sweet masterpiece is ready! It will amaze the mind with the depth and palette of flavors, by awakening endorphins and giving sincere joy in the heart.

Thanks to the virtuoso skill, jewelers have managed to bring a unique precious work to life, like the exquisite dessert at their golden kitchen. Bright play of imperial enamel color reminiscent of caramel, and rose quartz perfectly complementing the composition, like a delicate marshmallow mousse, gives pleasure to the eyes. Olivine appears as the icing on the cake, and crystals of diamond powder complete the perfect piece of jewellery that shimmers with diamond glow.

With the Dolce Vita pendant, every day will be filled with a sense of sweet celebration and the exceptional beauty of Italian desserts!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin