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Amethyst Diamond Enamel Gold Pendant


gold, enamel, diamonds, amethyst.

№ 753860

Gold pendant “Lotus” is a tiny allegory of prosperity and aristocracy. Petals of a spiritual lotus flower are made with kaleidoscope changes of colors and light. Lotus is Vishnu and Buddha, the sun and the moon, fire and water, chaos and order. It is harmony that the jewelers of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House were able to put in this royal decoration (it should be mentioned that Lotus is a central motif of the famous Monomakh's Cap).

The flower consisting of four petals is made by technique of hot enamel and decorated with diamonds and a big amethyst. The heart stone of the pendant is worth special attention That is why it is hold by four petals so that it is open for light. In daylight the amethyst has light color of lilac, in artificial light is has a magnetic deep violet color that hides something mysterious inside. If you see splashes of red it an amethyst, it means that it comes from the Ural Mountains.

Long live the precious lotus flower!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin